Pastors Chris and Cherilyn Wright

 Cherilyn Wright is the Worship Pastor of Access Church Spokane. Cherilyn is passionate about leading the congregation into intimate and powerful times of worship that draws people into right relationship with the Lord. Cherilyn is also passionate about living out a lifestyle of worship that doesn’t just worship at church on Sunday, but daily enters into His Presence.
Chris oversees our sound team and is really involved with worship. He also teaches a few of our discipleship classes.

Chris and Cherilyn have been married since 2015 and have a beautiful little girl, Dallas. Chris has been licensed as a pastor since January 2017, and Cherilyn has been licensed as a pastor since August 2014, both through Jakes House Church in Smokey Point, WA. Chris has been with access church since 2014, and Cherilyn from the beginning in 2011.

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